The Ceramic Art Portfolio of Pippin Drysdale

A grouping of ceramic objects in bright coloursEversong

Pippin Drysdale is a ceramic artist based in Australia. In her practice, the artist merges the visual languages of traditional ceramic craftsmanship and that of landscape painting, creating arrangements of sculptural vessels and objects that evoke space even while occupying it.


A group of ceramic vessels with neutral exteriors and coloured interiorsSulphur Springs

I love Drysdale’s use of highly colourful paints and glazes. Used on relatively simple, smooth three dimensional forms, the artist’s colour-gradient pigments lend the works a minimalist, highly contemporary edge. The artist’s presentation of groupings of ceramic objects, in different sizes and colours, makes me think of some larger-scale works by Ugo Rondinone, while closer examination of the textures and materials of each object reminds me of ceramics by Ikuko Iwamoto.


Drysdale’s practice spans decades, and as such the work has evolved considerably. It’s interesting to see earlier explorations where the texture of the vessels was a little rougher and more intricate, though no less deliberate.

A group of ceramic objects of varying size, orange and red in colourNortherly Winds

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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