The Portfolio of Sculptor and Installation Artist Takis

A sculpture incorporating a light on a narrow, cruved formSignal lumineux, vis d’Archimède

Takis is a Greek sculptor and installation artist, known for three-dimensional works that explore the intersection between science and art. Throughout his long career, the artist has explored the influence of not only physical, visible forms on a space, but also of invisible energies and forces passing between and through objects.

A sculpture made from bronze depicting an abstract head-like formHead in Space, bronze


I’m always fascinated to see an artist bringing other disciplines into their practice, particularly with a discipline like science which is often thought of as very separate from the fine art world. Takis’ method of exploring scientific ideas and concepts doesn’t always seem rigorous -- not like the date-inspired works of Ryoji Ikeda, for example, but the artist does an interesting job of capturing aesthetics that feel somehow exploratory. The artist Amarie Bergman’s scientifically inspired geometric works seem closely related.


Throughout his body of work, Takis continually returns to a visual language focused on geometric forms and simple, pared-down representations of concepts and objects.

A sculpture consisting of a black sphere hanging from an apparatusAntigravity sculpture, aluminum, iron, magnet

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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