The Art Portfolio of Lynda Benglis

A sculpture made from lead dripped into a corner and allowed to setQuartered Meteor, lead

Lynda Benglis is an American sculptor best known for her large abstract forms, often made from dripped wax, latex, foam, and other materials, that explore texture and material presence by referencing bodily, organic forms.

A sculpture made from bronze poured and allowed to setEAT MEAT, bronze

The artist’s earlier works, produced in the 1960s and 70s, have a distinctly viscous, liquid-like feeling and aesthetic. The artist produced many of these works by pouring various materials -- including several types of metal -- into a corner or directly onto a large flat surface such as a floor, allowing the material to flow over itself and eventually settle into a form that evokes fungus or a rock formation.


The artist’s process reminds me of that of Luis Pagan or Helen Frankenthaler, and the way these artists have created paintings by pouring pigment and medium directly onto a substrate. It’s fascinating to see this process translated into a three-dimensional format, as well.

A sculpture made from pink cast polyurethanePEITHO, cast polyurethane with pink pigment

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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