The Art Portfolio of Mike Salcido

An abstract mixed media painting with bright blue tonesMidnight Dreams, mixed media on panel with high-gloss finish

Mike Salcido was born in New Mexico, and has spent time travelling all over the world. The artist’s painting practice began as a method of relaxation. In his current practice, Mike produces works of wild abstraction in a range of mixed media, often drawing out strong moods and emotions with his use of saturated colour.

An abstract painting made with splashes of paintCosmic Dance, acrylic on canvas

I really enjoy the works in Mike’s abstract art galleries on his portfolio website. The artist seems to have an affinity for deep, bright shades of electric blue, pink, and green, creating scenes that look pleasantly alien and hearken to pour pieces by Luis Pagan, or the intensely vibrant compositions of Dave Wightman. The artist does a wonderful job of blending his colours while keeping certain sections of the painting distinct.

A screen capture of the front page of Mike Salcido's art


Mike doesn’t work exclusively in abstraction, however. The artist also has a sizeable series of figurative paintings depicting faces -- these works, just as colourful and wild as his abstractions, seem inspired by abstract and surreal pop art of the late 20th century.

An abstracted artwork depicting a face in bright coloursThe Masks We Wear, mixed media on canvas


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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