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A photo of a dying leaf with white thread sewn into itattachments, digital image

Michele Ridgeway is an artist based in Hancock, Massachusetts. In her artistic practice, Michele works in a wide range of innovative media including animation, performance, video, and even edible items.

A digital photograph of light reflecting off flowing watermirror studies, digital image


As we saw in our previous feature of Michele’s work, the artist often uses her artwork to explore themes of identity and self-image. In particular, the artist’s work lingers on ideas of change, personal growth, and breaking through barriers both self- and societally imposed. The artist often does this through the use of familiar materials -- found objects and media that would be commonly found in the home. Michele’s use of gingerbread, icing, and household trinkets reinforces this introspective tone.

The front page of Michele Ridgeway's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Michele's art portfolio


I also really enjoy Michele’s oil paintings. The artist tends to zero in on a specific subject, like a cat, and create an entire series of very cohesive paintings depicting the same subject in a slightly different palette and composition.

An oil painting of an orange catfrom CATS, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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