The Art Portfolio of Eloise Shelton-Mayo

An artwork featuring paper-collaged elementsArches & Angles IV

U.K.-born artist Eloise Shelton-Mayo creates works with a focus on layering paper and encaustic media, borrowing aesthetics from both traditional oil painting and collage to create a fascinatingly diverse array of abstract compositions. The artist’s works range from heavily textural and geometric, to soft, quiet, and delicate.

An artwork made from oil paint and cold wax mediumWinding 1, oil and cold wax on paper

I’m quite taken by the works in Eloise’s Paper Collage Arches and Angles series. The works in this series are quite colourful, with highly saturated layers of coloured paper that are treated with textural, translucent paint, lending them an aged, earthy aesthetic. Fitted together and sometimes overlapping, these cut pieces of paper have an aesthetic that hearkens to cubist artworks of the 20th century as well as larger architectural features.

The front page of Eloise Shelton-Mayo's art

Eloise is also known for her work in encaustic wax, and many of her abstractions utilize the smooth texture of wax to great effect. Her series of Neutral Works, for example, sees the artist creating imagery that emphasizes the quiet detail and imperfections in large planes of negative space.

A collaged artwork with textured and coloured pieces of paperArches & Angles V

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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