The Art Portfolio of Lynne Stewart

An oil painting of a rushing riverRushing Water, oil on canvas

Lynne Stewart is an artist based in Riverside, California. Throughout her decades-spanning artistic practice, Lynne has used artwork as a way of working through struggles with mental health, and connecting not only with herself but with others.

A pastel drawing of an elderly figureDisappearing Wise Woman, pastel on paper


There’s a wonderful sense of play and experimentation throughout the works in Lynne’s portfolio. It’s interesting to be able to see so many of the artist’s works alongside each other, and to see how Lynne’s style has progressed over the course of many years. Lynne favours oil paint, acrylic, and pastels, though her subject matter varies wildly, ranging from abstraction, to landscapes, to pet portraits.

The front page of Lynne Stewart's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Lynne's art portfolio website

The artist’s oil landscapes, in particular, have a meditative, calming appeal to them. Though the works are gestural and impressionistic more than strictly detailed, there artist does a great job of capturing the mood and tone of a space. In concept, a lot of these paintings remind me of pencil crayon works by Jeffrey M. Green.

A pastel artwork made in black and white with a cubist aestheticShadow of Myself, half-tone pastels on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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