The Art Portfolio of Wanda Hawse

A watercolour painting of the Sumas PrairieSumas (Land without Trees), watercolour

Artist Wanda Hawse uses watercolour to capture and reveal the emotions of nature. The artist’s portfolio is packed with detailed, thoughtful watercolour paintings spanning landscape, seascape, architectural, and figurative subject matter.

A painting of a quiet street in ParisSentinel, watercolour


I really enjoy the way that Wanda renders light in her paintings. In her watercolour renderings of the streets of Paris, for example, the artist creates scenes in which golden rays of light cast beautiful patterns over the various tones of paved streets and painted doorways, lending to a feeling of warmth and light in each image.

A screen capture of Wanda Hawse's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Wanda's art portfolio website


The artist shifts easily between close, intimate-feeling scenes and vast landscapes that seem straight out of fairytales. Wanda’s Winterscapes gallery, for example, contains a number of images that remind me of the fantastical landscapes of Lavetta and M. Charles Rhinehart. Wanda’s use of shading and sparse colour brings these chilly landscapes to live in invigorating detail.

A watercolour painting of a winter sceneThe Magic of Winter, watercolour

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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