The Art Portfolio of Georgette (Gette) Jones

A painting of a young woman on a brightly patterned backgroundFREQUENT DREAMER, acrylic on canvas

Georgette (Gette) Jones has been creating art since childhood, in the form of both visual art and writing. The artist’s current practice is centered on painting, with Gette using bright colours and patterns, and experimenting with abstract forms.

An abstract image made with overlapping coloured shapesCARNIVAL, acrylic on canvas board

I’m enjoying browsing through Gette’s recent series of abstracted artworks. The artist’s gallery of abstract and semi-abstract paintings contains works that are wildly colourful and use layering and satisfyingly solid geometric forms to build up a dynamic image even without the use of figures. The colour schemes that the artist utilizes remind me a bit of work by Melvin Clark.

The front page of Gette Jones' art portfolio


Gette paints on a range of surfaces, ranging from delicate card stock -- in her abstract flower notecards -- to heavier pieces of wood. Gette’s gallery of painted wood shows off the presence and power of the artist’s work, in pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but serve an array of purposes.

A small serving tray painted with acrylicsTurquiose and Black Tray, acrylic on wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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