The Art Portfolio of Amie T. Rangel

A triptych depicting an apparatus at the top of a large buildingCROSSING, charcoal, chalk pastel, and gesso on linen

Amie T. Rangel’s artistic practice investigates architectural spaces and constructions, and the intersection between built systems and organic bodies. The artist is based in Visalia, California, where she also works as an adjunct professor and gallery director at the College of the Sequoia.

A diptych depicting an empty room where livestock would be housedNARTHEX, charcoal, chalk pastel, gesso, and gel medium on linen


I really enjoy the drawing and painting works in Amie’s portfolio. The artist renders structures -- everything from single-story apartment buildings to dairy cattle facilities -- in careful, delicate detail. There’s something slightly eerie about many of these images. The artist’s drawings and paintings for THE WHEY (WAY) N: TO CENTER depict the equipment and deliberately divided spaces of a dairy farm. Devoid of the normal bovine inhabitants, these spaces and objects beg for new categorization.

A screen capture of Amie T. Rangel's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Amie's art portfolio website


As we saw in our previous feature, Amie often takes a methodical, researched approach to art-making. It appears to be an effective strategy -- I look forward to seeing more of what the artist has been producing in recent years.

A lithograph print of a milk cup used in dairy farmingMILK CUPS #29, lithograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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