The Art Portfolio of Andràs Böröcz

An assemblage sculpture featuring tree branchesCopse, carved mahogany, aluminum, twigs, plungers

Hungarian artist Andràs Böröcz works in drawing, sculpture, and performance, creating pieces that explore the human condition through humour, awkwardness, and symbolism. The artist frequently utilizes visual motifs in his artworks, creating pieces that are both uniquely recognizable and totally personal.

A sculptural installation with wood and carved handsYad

I really like the artworks in Böröcz’ sculpture gallery. These pieces tend to take the form of assemblages, made from found objects in wood, metal, and other materials -- many of which are common household items. The way Böröcz combines these recognizable items into new and intricate sculptural pieces begs closer inspection, and hearkens to works by Cynthia Aaron or Randy Hardy.


Böröcz’ drawing pieces reflect a similar aesthetic sensibility, in the way the artist combines seemingly disparate forms and textures, and creates works that are both scientifically detailed and bizarre.

A pen and ink drawing of outhouses running along a rollercoaster trackUntitled (from series Home Sweet Home), pen and ink

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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