The Art Portfolio of Mareo Rodriguez

A sculpture made up of a sculpted panel on a wallUntitled

Mareo Rodriguez is an artist based in Barcelona, Spain. In his current artistic practice, Rodriguez seeks to explore, define, and push the boundaries of natural formations, borrowing aesthetics and compositional themes from mountains and rocks.

A sculpture made up of several square bricks sculpted like rocksUntitled


I really enjoy the way that the artist translates the look and feel of a rock formation into a gallery artwork. Rodrigues produces sculptures, paintings, and installations, though the most striking works seem to offer a combination of all three disciplines. In recent sculptures, the artist distills the jagged, rough texture of mountain ranges seen from an aerial vantage point into smooth, uniformly-coloured constructions that look as much like rocks as they do pools of paint being disturbed by some aural projection.


There’s a wonderful sense of tactility throughout Rodriguez’ portfolio. Even in two-dimensional paintings, the artist combines smooth metallic textures with rougher, scraped applications of paint to create a distinct contrast like that of the sky against a mountaintop.

A painting with rough black textures radiating outward from a gold lineExpansion, black lava pigment and gold leaf on linen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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