Studio Sunday: Jane Freilicher


A photo of Jane Freilicher at work in her studio


Jane Freilicher was born in Brooklyn in 1924 and spent most of her life in New York. The artist was active during the height of the American abstract expressionist period in the 1950s and 60s, though she was best known for her figurative works depicting city and farm landscapes.


I love the huge windows in Freilicher’s studio space. It looks like the artist is working on a fairly high floor of the building, as the windows afford her a view of the rooftops and many distant buildings. The natural light in this space must have been stunning -- perhaps overwhelming at times. Good thing all the windows appear to have drapes so Freilicher would have been able to adjust the light level at will.


There’s something comfortable about the wooden furniture and the overall design and layout of this space. It has the look and feel of a rather nice apartment, and the artist’s multiple easels and tables -- especially the one holding potted plants by the windows -- seem to emphasize this idea. I really enjoy the look of plants in the studio. In this way, Freilicher’s space reminds me of the studios of Fia Cielen or Claire Basler.


Freilicher is closely tied to the New York School of artists, which included both artists and poets. Along with contemporaries like Helen Frankenthaler, Freilicher became a notable New York artist at a time when prominent galleries were primarily showing male artists. Freilicher passed away in 2014 at the age of 90.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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