Art Studio: John Phillip Osborne

The artist John Phillip Osborne at work in his studio


This week’s studio Sunday artist is John Phillip Osborne. Osborne was born in New Jersey in the 1950s and has produced a far-reaching body of classical oil paintings throughout his long artistic career. The artist is best known for sweeping landscapes and paintings that capture historical subject matter.


John Phillip Osborne’s studio space looks ornate and pleasantly cluttered, like an antique library or study. The numerous framed pieces hanging from the wall around the artist and piled on the floors speak to an old-fashioned sense of aesthetics that I think is reflected in the artist’s style -- dense, blended landscapes and scenes under a chiaroscuro haze harkening back to romantic painting styles.


The plush, old-fashioned chair and the wood-burning stove -- with a small black kettle sitting atop it -- both lend further credence to the impression that this studio has been captured in time; maintained, relatively unchanged, for many decades. It’s nice to see that there’s a small window to the artist’s right -- it looks like this little window actually lets in a fair amount of light.


Osborne has achieved distinction not only in his personal practice, but as a teacher of oil painting skills and techniques. He graduated cum laude from the Pratt Institute in New York, and was given the first American Artists Achievement Award for his work as an oil painting teacher. His works have been exhibited throughout the United States and in embassies on almost every continent.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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