Motifs From Nature: The Art Portfolio of Claudia Stewart

A mixed media artwork depicting a tree on fireFire Tree, acrylic, technical pen, and cheesecloth on cradled board

Claudia Stewart is an artist who works in a realistic yet slightly whimsical style, using primarily acrylic paints. The artist often utilizes motifs from nature, including crows, trees, and insects.

A painting of a butterfly transforming into a leafbutterfly leaf, acrylic on linen


I enjoy the bright colour palette that Claudia uses -- the subject matter of the artist’s works lends itself well to a kind of dreamy, slightly surreal aesthetic, and the use of colours that are often imaginative and not-quite true to life helps elevate this aesthetic even further. The artist’s use of mixed media, including collaged and textural elements, gives the works a sense of tactility that transcends the subject matter.

The front page of Claudia Stewart's art portfolio


Claudia’s Crows series combines the artist’s signature sense of aesthetics with a slightly more earthy, subdued overarching tone. This sense of surrealism combined with a very dignified air lends itself perfectly to crows as a subject.

A painting of a crow on a deep, Earth-toned backgroundCeltic Gold Crow (crop)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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