An Art Portfolio of Colour and Texture by Boudewijn Korsmit

A mixed media artwork with collaged and painted elementsUntitled

Boudewijn Korsmit produces artworks using watercolour and mixed media with an emphasis on layered colour and texture. Working with a variety of subjects, the artist explores both the immediacy of his medium, and more conceptual, introspective ideas.

A heavily abstracted portrait made with a gradient of dripped paintS 4


I really like how Boudewijn is able to combine a splattered application of pigment with a rather smooth gradient over the entirety of the substrate. In many works, the artist achieves this look through a mixture of frenetic paint application and careful attention to placement. Close-up, some of these works remind me of the splattered illustrations of Joey Feldman. Boudewijn’s application of pigment -- heavy on one edge of a work, and lighter on another -- lends to a monochromatic look that becomes more and more translucent, or blends with a different colour.

A screen capture of Boudewijn Korsmit's art portfolio websiteBoudewijn's art portfolio website


It’s interesting to look at Boudewijn’s sketches alongside his colourful paintings. The sketches really capture the slightly eerie, textural line-art aspects that are a little more muted in the painted works.

A sketch of two abstract faces looking at each otherBad talk

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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