The Painting Portfolio of Wayne Pitchko

A painting of a nighttime landscape with mountainsMidnight Sky, oil

Wayne Pitchko is a painter currently based in Golden, British Columbia. In his artistic practice, Wayne works in abstraction and landscape techniques, drawing inspiration from his own experiences and from art history.

A landscape painting of tar sands with a dark skyTAR SANDS, oil on canvas


The artist has said that his landscape paintings are inspired by his memories of living in Alberta, and the vast, gradient skies that feature prominently in these paintings certainly seem to evidence that. I love the dramatic colour schemes that Wayne brings into his landscapes -- the artist seems to favour a rather minimalist aesthetic, portraying wide-open fields and calm bodies of water under deep red sunsets and moody skies.

A screen capture of Wayne Pitchko's art portfolio websiteWayne's art portfolio website


In his abstract works, Wayne channels inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. The artist often favours a similarly warm and earthy colour scheme, but utilizes paint splattering and a randomized application of lines and shapes to explore the materiality of his medium.

An abstract made with splattered paint in grey, black, and whiteUntitled Abstract #2, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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