Brightly Colourful and Textured Art by Paul Catalanotto

A fresco painting with deep abstract coloursAmos Moses, polished fresco

Paul Catalanotto is an abstract painter who works in fresco, applying pigment to fresh plaster, then sanding and polishing the final image to create a smooth look. The artist’s works are brightly colourful and textured in a way that invites closer examination.

A fresco painting with planes of dark, heavy colourBy the mechanism of, polished fresco

Paul’s online art portfolio is organized into categories by the size of the work. I find this an interesting way to look at artworks, and see what becomes possible with fresco painting on both a small and a large scale. Paul favours deep blue and green tones, and in some works in seems as though the abstractions were painted on a darkened substrate.

The front page of Paul Catalanotto's art portfolio


Technically, the works remind me a bit of Jeanie Gebhart or Nella Lush, and other artists who work with palette knives. In terms of colour, Paul’s portfolio contains a lot of parallels to that of Luis Pagan, with bright blues and yellows, warm and cool tones mingling easily across the painted surface.

A fresco composed of many smaller paintings gathered into a mosaicYe abruptly fluid shift, mosaic polished fresco

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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