Potential Stories: Painting by Rick Gillis

A painting of a woman walking a bigfoot on a leashA Stroll in the Aspens, acrylic on canvas

Rick Gillis is an artist with a background in journalism and writing. The artist’s skill with narrative art forms comes through in many of his paintings, which are often dense with detail and potential stories.

A painting of a female figure in a subdued fieldGathering Storm, acrylic on board


Rick’s gallery of recent works contains a multitude of styles and subject matter. Sometimes the artist seems to combine multiple styles in a single work, leading to pieces in which the figures look as if they could have been collaged from numerous sources. In some, the artist adds three-dimensional and textural elements to the painted surface, venturing further into the mixed-media territory and sometimes creating works that are partly sculptural.

The front page of Rick Gillis' art portfolio pageRick's art portfolio website


It’s interesting to see how the artist tailors his style to a particular subject. Oftentimes, human subjects are painted in a realistic, relatively straightforward style, but Rick also plays with abstracted and heavily stylized elements, lending a distinct tone to particular works.

A painting of two figures walking a dogA Lovely Evening for a Stroll, acrylic on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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