The Art Portfolio of Gordon Sellen

A painting of two dancing skeletons with abstract elementsPlan Ahead

Gordon Sellen’s artistic career has included a variety of pursuits -- from painting, to glass blowing, to pastry. The artist’s current portfolio features mainly painting, in a colourful array of styles from strictly abstract to cartoonish pop-art.

A painting in blue and grey with planes of texture and colour dividing the canvas surfaceBlue & Grey Interference


I’m enjoying the paintings in Gordon’s Just for Laughs series -- the works in this portfolio gallery are partly abstract but also incorporate elements of pop culture, like high-contrast, graphic images of animals. Recognizable figures like Felix the Cat also show up in these works. It’s interesting to see how Gordon combines this humorous edge with works that are on some level reminiscent of works by abstract greats like Mark Rothko and Cy Twombly.

A screen capture of Gordon Sellen's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Gordon's art portfolio website


Throughout the rest of his portfolio, Gordon displays a great eye for colour and composition. Many of his abstract works utilize contrasting fields of not only different colours, but of different textures and patterns, as well.

An abstract painting with saturated forms on a neutral backgroundBand of Gypsies

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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