A Sense of the Supernatural: Art by Tracy Dunbar

A pen and ink drawing of green worms on a green backgroundCritter, pen and ink

Tracy Dunbar is an artist originally from Dallas, Texas. In her artistic practice, Tracy addresses new ways of viewing the world, creating paintings, drawings, mixed media works, and photographs with a sense of the supernatural and spiritual.


A photograph of a flare from the sun over hillsLight Experiment


I like how intensely colourful the majority of Tracy’s artworks are. Even in photos of relatively subdued subjects, Tracy dials up the saturation until the subjects of her photos seem brighter than life. Even in her artworks, the artist often favours hues that are too bright and saturated to be of this Earth -- in fact, in many cases I might call the artist’s colour choices otherworldly.

A screen capture of Tracy Dunbar's art portfolio websitewww.moonloveinc.com


Tracy’s portfolio offers a broad look at the artist’s work, with pieces that are produced on paper and canvas, as well as sketchbook pieces and fragments of ideas that the artist might continue to develop. Browsing through Tracy’s portfolio, I get a sense of both where the artist has been, and where she might be going.

A sketchbook drawing of a skeletal birdSketchBook Drawing

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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