Real Wall Art by Corliss R. and Donald Wall

A painting featuring tones of bright orange, red, and blueColorado Dreams, oil on canvas (Corliss R. Wall)

Real Wall Art is an art duo consisting of Donald and Corliss R. Wall. The pair also work together with more artists at Different Dimensions Art Studio, producing work for their personal portfolios, as well as for customer commissions.

A black and white drawing of a skeleton in a hatSmokem, digital art


The types of artworks produced at the Different Dimensions Art Studio and by Donald and Corliss range from sculpture to painting to drawing and everything in-between. It’s interesting to see not only how these different practices diverge, but also how they intersect and inform one another. In Corliss’ abstract art gallery, for example, colourful paintings with organic, random forms -- reminiscent of Helen Frankenthaler -- abound. The soft curvature found in these organic forms seems to run parallel to the bulbous, undulating forms of Donald’s sculptures.

A screen capture of the Real Wall Art gallery


The Real Wall Art website also offers insights into the artistic process, showcasing works in-progress and studio shots. It’s always interesting to see these types of behind-the-scenes views and get a feel for how the artwork comes to be.

A painting of a rolling waveSurfs Up, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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