A Narrative From the Fragments: Art by Amanda D.

A close-up view of a sculptural artwork depicting offeringsMi Ofrenda (detail)


Artist Amanda D. works in photography, mixed media, painting, ceramic, and more, using her artistic practice to explore themes of personal belonging, memory, and mental illness. Though the artist’s portfolio is widely varied in its content, recurring motifs help the viewer draw together a narrative from the fragments.

An abstract painting with warm earthy tonesLife, oil on canvas

I’m intrigued by Amanda’s repeated use of a baby or child figure in her pieces. Sometimes this motif is reminiscent of a doll, whether it is indeed a found object or a face deliberately sculpted into cherubic form by the artist’s own hand. The uncanny features of this recurring face lend to the sense that it is a symbol -- perhaps a stand-in for the artist, or another character that factors into the narrative surrounding these works.

A screen capture of Amanda Dinse's art websitewww.amandadinse.com


As we discussed in our previous feature of Amanda’s explorations in psychology and human experience, the artist’s photography presents a far-reaching series of seemingly interconnected images. The entirety of Amanda’s portfolio seems to serve a similar purpose. The artist’s works are very cohesive, though the viewer must do the work of finding the conceptual paths between.

A painting of a vaguely defined figure layered under beeswaxLost, oil pastels, acrylics, beeswax on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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