Patterns of Human Experience: Art by Olga de Klein

A mixed media assemblage with a small piece of textOf an Old King, mixed media on wood panel

Olga de Klein is an artist based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her artistic practice, Olga produces works in a range of mixed media, seeking to explore and define the numerous overlapping patterns of human experience.

A mixed media assemblage with elements of metal, wood, and textileRhizome 2, mixed media on wood panel


In our previous feature of Olga’s artworks, we looked at the artist’s mixed media assemblages. These make up a good chunk of the artist’s portfolio, and seem to exemplify the way that Olga applies her artistic practice to the concepts and ideas that define her focus.

The front page of Olga de Klein's art portfolio


I like the way that the artist applies different materials in this series -- in each piece, the collaged aspects and found items sit well as accents and points of interest on a cohesive two-dimensional plane. The works are visually interesting, without being overwhelming, and objects like string, fibers, and scraps of material serve to draw the viewer’s eye in a tactile manner.

A mixed media assemblage with bits of metal, string, and woodRhizome 3, mixed media on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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