Paths of Line and Colour: Art by John Hovig

A mandala made up of dense coloured linesMandala From Hindrance #1, digital archival print on aluminum circle

John Hovig became a full-time artist in 2012, after a decades-long career in software. The artist’s current practice centers on the idea of keeping the viewer’s eye in motion, with images that feature maze-like paths of line and colour.


An artwork featuring coloured lines arranged in an abstract formKnowledge, drawing


John’s works often have a somewhat meditative feeling about them -- a quality that’s particularly evident in the artist’s mandalas. The works in this series are dense with overlapping line work and colours, and are so symmetrical that at first glance one might expect them to be produced digitally. It’s interesting to see how the artist utilizes colour in these pieces, layering different coloured lines and allowing the differing values to add depth and volume to the image.

A screen capture of John Hovig's art portfolio


The artist has also experimented with a variety of other media including acrylic, wax, and printmaking techniques, approaching each with a similar eye for fine detail.

A circular wall-hanging artwork made up of paper clips and encaustic waxCritical Form 11, encaustic over clips and ruler on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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