Brightly Stylized Images: Textile Art by Lisa Lackey

A textile artwork depicting the Earth in someone's handsHumanity is in Our Hands, fabrics, thread, and embroidery floss on canvas

Lisa Lackey’s art portfolio is packed with images that one might be surprised to learn are made with fabrics and thread. The artist uses cut textiles to build up graphic, brightly stylized images, sewing and embroidering to add fine detail.

A textile artwork depciting a figure walking past a red doorExit 11, frabrics, thread, and embroidery floss on canvas


I’m always impressed by the level of detail and precision that Lisa coaxes out of her medium. In our previous feature of her painterly images in fabric, we looked at the way Lisa even captures lighting and creates volume using fabric in slightly different shades and tones. I love being able to see close-ups of the detail in some of Lisa’s works on her portfolio website. These close-up, detail views give the viewer a real sense of the amount of painstaking work that goes into each art piece.

A screen capture of Lisa Lackey's art portfolio


Lisa’s portfolio stands alongside that of contemporaries like Pat Autenrieth and Miriam Schapiro, in the way that the artist utilizes a medium like embroidery, traditionally associated with arts and crafts, and elevates it firmly into the fine art sphere.

A fabric and embroidery artwork depicting a crowd of assorted figures6 AV LCL (6th Avenue Local), fabric and thread on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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