Layering Fluid Forms: Art by Karen Holland

A mixed media artwork with abstracted, patterned formsFacing Yourself, mixed media

Karen Holland is a painter and mixed media artist currently based in British Columbia. In her practice, the artist primarily works in abstraction, layering fluid forms and textures across a canvas in such a way as to draw the viewer’s eye along a non-linear path, and provoke further exploration.

An abstract painting with a raised, textured squarePassages, mixed media on panel


I like the way that Karen works and how her conceptual processes come to the forefront in her finished paintings. The artist tends to take an intuitive, flow-based approach to building her paintings, utilizing abstraction as a way to get beyond the realm of strictly planned forms and compositions. The resulting works are unpredictable, yet still incorporate a satisfactory amount of pattern and repetition -- while each new canvas may be an adventure in its own right, the viewer is still able to find a comfortable resting place within each image.

The front page of Karen Holland's art


In some of the artist’s series, like Doors and Keys, fragmented sections of recognizable images blend seamlessly with planes of texture and colour, creating a sense that the whole image is hidden within the composition, obscured just beyond view.

An image from the series Doors and Keys with abstracted archwaysVeiled, mixed media on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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