The Art Portfolio of Bernard Dick

A digital painting of trees and landscapeView From The Kitchen Window, digital painting

Painter Bernard Dick uses a style that celebrates the qualities of his chosen medium, rendering pastoral scenes, portraits, landscapes, and other subject matter in heavy, painterly brush marks. Bernard also works in digital media, creating digital paintings that emulate the texture and volume of traditional oil paint.

A painting of a young family walking through the woodsExploring 2, acrylic on canvas


It’s fascinating to see how the artist’s skill with traditional painting translates into the digital medium. For the most part, Bernard’s digital and traditional paintings are almost interchangeable -- in both techniques the artist takes on his subject matter with large, confident brush marks, thick layers of paint (or “paint”), and deep, sumptuous colours that creating depth and shadow in a realistic frame.

A screen capture of Bernard Dick's art portfolio websiteBernard's portfolio website,


Bernard also works in photography, and it’s clear in looking through these photographs that the artist’s awareness of light, volume, and shadow, informs his painting style. The subjects of his photographs are chapels and religious symbols, and the artist’s framing and composition lends a sense of reverence and beauty to each.

An interior photo of a chapel in Lisbon, SpainLisbon Side Chapel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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