Spatial Interventions: Art by Olivier Ratsi

An installation view of a light-based artwork with deep red tonesFRAME PERSPECTIVE (Echolyse project), wood, LED, computer, software (installation view at Dostyk Plaza, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Olivier Ratsi is a French visual artist who lives and works in Paris. In his artistic practice, Ratsi uses a combination of sound, video projection, painting, and other media to create installations that play off of the physical space of their location while creating new spatial interventions.

An installation view of a geometric light work projected onto a screenPELE-MELE (Echolyse project), computer, wood, sound, dual video projector (installation view at Culture Station Seoul, Seoul, Korea)


I really enjoy the aesthetic qualities of Ratsi’s works. The artist’s use of clean, hard lines and precise geometric forms reminds of works by Carlo Berndardini or Anthony McCall. The works seem to exist as points of alternate reality within their region of space, giving the viewer a glimpse into another dimension or way of seeing. Ratsi emphasizes the changeable nature of a form in a limited number of spatial dimensions, creating pieces that look quite different depending on the angle from which they are seen.


Many of Ratsi’s works also exist in combination with sounds. The artist sometimes collaborates with sound artists and designers to create aural aspects that enhance and play off the formal aspects of his work.

A light-based installation with a geometric formXYZ (version BETA), computer, wood, random loop, anamorphosis video projection (installation view in Paris)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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