Inside the Art Studio of Stanley Whitney

A photo of artist Stanley Whitney in his studio


Stanley Whitney was born in Philadelphia in the 1940s and began producing artwork in the 70s. The artist is best known for his colourful grid paintings, in which square or slightly rectangular planes of bright colour are painted in orderly bands across the entire surface of a canvas.


Whitney’s studio looks clean, but not stark. There’s enough going on to maintain an inviting overall aesthetic for the place, though it seems rather studious. I like being able to see all the huge paint cans that Whitney paints from -- these remind me more of house paint than traditional art materials. Looks like he’s got them all lined up on the table to easily paint large-scale works in a wide range of colours.


From this picture it looks like Whitney’s studio is equipped with a sink and some cleaning materials -- all the better for keeping a tidy space. The whole room has a very professional aesthetic to it.


Whitney appears to be hard at work on a number of paintings -- in front of him, numerous canvases are stacked on top of each other against the wall. I wonder if the canvases behind the two forward-facing works are finished pieces, or works-in-progress waiting to be examined. The pose that Whitney has been captured in -- hand on hip, looking thoughtfully at his works -- suggests the classic artist’s persona.


Whitney currently lives and works between New York, NY, and Parma, Italy. As well as being an artist, he is a professor emeritus at the Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Whitney’s works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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