Lush, Soft Landscape Paintings by Tricia Savoie

A plein air painting of a green forested areaAnticipation II

Tricia Savoie is an artist currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. In her practice, Tricia create lush, soft landscape paintings that depict scenery in a realistic yet slightly impressionistic frame, veering into the territory of dreams and memory.

A painting of a forest path with red autumn leavesBois d'Automne


I really appreciate the colour palette that Tricia employs in her paintings. The works are mostly saturated in tones of deep, healthy green and autumnal reds and browns, though the artist is also adept at changing the level of saturation to create a sense of encroaching dusk or dawn. Leaves and grass are rendered in large, painterly brush strokes that celebrate the act of committing an image to canvas.

A screen capture of Tricia Savoie's art portfolio websiteTricia's art portfolio website,


Painting frequently in oil on board, Tricia hits on a great balance between blended, almost abstracted planes of colour, and sharper detail. In some cases it seems that the artist utilizes a softer, more flowing technique of paint application for leaves and foliage, using tree branches and other forms as a way to provide grounding and contrast.

A painting of a hay bale in a green fieldOut in the Field (II), oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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