The Art Portfolio of Mixed-Media Artist John Clinock

A mixed media artwork using toys and doll partsthe Future, mixed media relief in cradled panel

John Clinock is a mixed-media artist based in Vancouver, BC. In his practice, John works in a wide variety of both found materials and traditional art media, creating assemblages, sculptures, and wall-hanging works that are equal parts creepy, whimsical, and explorative.

A sculpture made using mixed media and found objectsTree Warrior, fired and stained clay and mixed media


John’s online portfolio is organized according to year, and it’s interesting to be able to look at how the artist’s work has evolved over time. In the most recent gallery of works, the artist appears to approach his art with a sense of wild abandon that upon closer inspection still leaves room for great attention to detail. The disembodied limbs of dolls appear frequently as a motif, giving the viewer the impression that the artworks themselves are reaching out, trying to form a connection.

A screen capture of John Clinock's art portfolio websiteThe front page of John's portfolio website


In earlier galleries, the artist focuses more on a painterly style. These paintings are no less fascinating. Most feature abstracted human or human-like figures, using an array of bright hues that invite the viewer in for a closer look.

A bright painting of an abstracted faceReliquary Head, acrylic and mixed media on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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