The Vibrant Watercolour Portfolio of Judy H. Fowler

A watercolour painting of a red barnAlong the Way

Judy H. Fowler is an artist based in Durham, North Carolina, who produces bright and vibrant watercolour paintings of the surrounding environment, as well as human figures and other contemporary subjects.

A watercolour painting of hot air balloonsUp Up and Away

I’m impressed with the level of detail and deliberate lighting that Judy is able to draw out of each of her watercolour paintings. The artist combines the naturally impressionist, ethereal qualities of the medium and utilizes them to her advantage, rendering pastoral landscapes and modern constructions like hot air balloons with equal attention to form. The way the artist utilizes colour and sense of line art in her works reminds of watercolours by Jane Crosby or Travis Poelle.

A screen capture of Judy H. Fowler's watercolour art


It’s interesting to be able to see how Judy is able to vary her style and technique to suit different subjects or landscape elements. In bodies of water, for example, she embraces the changeable pigment levels to create an undulating, reflective surface.

A painting of three children playing at the beachA Day at the Beach

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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