Vibrant Urban Scenes: Art by Isaac Lewis

A painting of a piece of driftwood on a beachDrift Wood, acrylic on canvas

Isaac Lewis was born in Havana, Cuba, and is now mostly based in Canada. The artist’s paintings range from expansive, relatively pared-down landscapes to vibrant urban scenes with multiple figures.

A painting of a cityscape filled with jazz elementsJazzscape, acrylic on canvas


It’s clear even from a quick glance at Isaac’s portfolio that the artist has a great appreciation for jazz music. Like fellow artist Melvin Clark, Isaac  frequently takes jazz musicians as his subjects. The artist’s Jazzscape series takes not only the musicians themselves as its subject, but takes on the architectural spaces and places frequented by musicians and fans. Isaac’s take on the subject matter appears to culminate in a massive, mural-sized painting packed with details and figures.

A screen capture of Isaac Lewis' art portfolio


Elsewhere in the artist’s portfolio, such as in Vancouver Through Cuban Windows, Isaac showcases his skill with blending colours and producing smooth gradients to capture beautiful sunsets and dramatic skies.

A painting of a vancouver seascape seen through a windowSilence

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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