Biblical Scenes: Spiritual Art by Denise Gracias

A painting of a shephard walking in the desertSeek the Lord While he May be Found, acrylic

Denise Gracias is a visual artist from Toronto. In her practice, Denise paints and draws biblical scenes, expressing her Catholic faith through serene landscapes, figurative paintings, and occasional forays into abstracted or metaphorical imagery.

A painting of a curving body of water next to grassHe Leads Me to Still Waters, acrylic


I really enjoy the works in Denise’s Spiritual Landscapes gallery. The works in this gallery offer both close-up and wide-view perspectives on landscapes in Canada, Spain, and Italy. The artist has a great eye for colour, especially blues and greens, which she layers on in smooth, saturated planes. Bodies of water and expanses of clear sky take on a similar, almost electric hue.

The front page of Denise Gracia's spiritual art portolio


Denise’s figurative paintings demonstrate a similar sense of appreciation for the act of painting and a reverence for the subject matter. The artist’s Spiritual Still Life images, especially the floral paintings, take a dramatic visual approach, presenting solitary blooms on dark backgrounds.

A painting of a white flower on a black backgroundEmbrace the Day, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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