Flowers, Nature, and Still-Life: The Art of Linda Clark

An oil painting of winter birch treesWinter Sunrise, oil on canvas

Linda Clark is a painter whose subject matter includes flowers, nature, and still-life. Through her varied subject matter, Linda tends to imbue each of her works with a personal, intimate tone.

A painting of an orange pumpkin on a black backgroundFall Colors, oil on canvas board

I like the elements of texture that Linda chooses to include in her works -- while the artist’s style is detailed and realistic, she doesn’t shy away from using heavy, confident marks that leave evidence of her hand and visible brush strokes on the canvas. There’s an equal sense of wanting to capture the appearance of the subject, and a simple enjoyment for the act of painting. As a self-taught painter, Linda gives the viewer a clear window into her own attitude toward the painting process.

A screen capture of Linda Clark's art portfolio


Linda doesn’t only produce original paintings -- the artist also produces ornaments, note cards, and puzzles. Emblazoned with Linda’s original paintings, these art objects provide a unique way to view the works, and interact with them.

A set of notecards based on an original painting of a houseAppomatox Manor note cards

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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