The Art Portfolio of Rachel Wilson

A textile artwork hanging from the ceiling of a space1. The Thought of Bloom

Rachel Wilson is a painter, printmaker, and mixed-media artist currently based in Flagstaff, Arizona. In her practice, Rachel creates large and colourful artworks that juxtapose traditional painting and printmaking methods with innovative surfaces and locations.

An outdoor installation with sheets of coloured fabricBlue Iris


I love the large, drapey forms of Rachel’s installation artworks. These hanging fabric works remind me a little of certain works by Eva Hesse, or contemporary artists like Jacqueline Bell Johnson. Rachel’s artworks fit firmly into the realm of abstraction, though many of them make reference to realistic forms, such as the wings of insects.

A screen capture of Rachel Wilson's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Rachel's art portfolio website


It’s also really neat to see installations like this outdoors. The way that Rachel’s installations play off their surroundings is emphasized in spaces where the organic shapes of trees and other plants are prominent.

An outdoor installation made of fabric in the shape of butterfly wingsWater Bug I

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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