The Art Portfolio of Julia Deleon

A portrait painted over top of a photographJoy, acrylic on photograph

Julia Deleon creates vibrant artworks that address themes of identity, gender expression, and individuality. The artist’s works are often figurative in a cartoonish, pop-art esque way, with the resulting figures toeing the line between recognizable human caricatures and monstrous alien creations.

A caricature painting of a young figureFrancis II, acrylic on wood panel


I really like the bright colour palette that Julia employs throughout her portfolio. In coloured works, the effect is one that’s reminiscent of candy, games, and bright-hued advertisements -- an interesting juxtaposition with the visceral appearances of the figures themselves. Julia does an excellent job of walking the line between inviting and off-putting -- the works are reminiscent in some ways of the creepy/cute paintings of Megan Majewski.

The front page of Julia Deleon's art portfolio websiteJulia's art portfolio website, Linear Fixation


This sense of contradiction and contrast is especially strong in the artist’s portrait series, where Julia paints directly onto photographs, altering the appearance of real people. The presence of photographic imagery helps ground and tether the artworks and invite a more introspective viewing experience.

A painting on a photograph of a coupleSkylar and Reese, acrylic on photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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