The Art Portfolio of Terry Cox-Joseph

A painting of an arctic sealHi there!, acrylic on canvas

Terry Cox-Joseph works in media including acrylic paint, ink, watercolour, and graphite. The artist’s subject matter is primarily figurative, with both human and animal figures appearing frequently. The artist also has a great eye for landscape and architecture.

A watercolour painting of a woman in a wedding dressWedding Pose, watercolour


The artist demonstrates a great versatility and an understanding of the behaviours and quirks of each of his chosen media. In watercolour paintings, for example, the artist will often build an image around a central figure, allowing for the paint’s natural inconsistencies and imperfections to help form the texture of fabric or showcase lighting. In acrylic paintings, she takes a smoother, more detailed approach.

The front page of Terry Cox-Joseph's art


I really enjoy the way the artist tackles trickier subjects like street lamps and water. The diffusion of light around street lamps in some of Terry’s nighttime scenes is stunningly realistic, and invites closer examination, leaving the view wondering at the artist’s painting process.

A tile painted with an image of a sculpted horseTrojan Horse, painted tile

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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