The Art Portfolio of Barbara Naeser

An artwork depicting several sailboats on still waterRedd's Pond Regata

Barbara Naeser is an artist based in Marblehead, Massachusetts. In her recent practice, the artist has been working with pastels, though she has also used oil paint and watercolour.

A pastel artwork of the side of a buildingStreet Eyes


I enjoy Barbara’s relatively loose but variable style, and the way she uses pastels and paint to create layered, dense images with just enough detail to encourage a closer look. The artist’s pastel series often utilizes a heavier, earth-toned colour palette and explores natural subject matter including animals and plants. It’s interesting to be able to see the works both in thumbnail form and close-up -- the nature of the artist’s style means that the images seem to resolve when seen from far away, but become a little more abstracted and mysterious up close.

The front page of Barbara Naeser's art portfolio


Barbara’s children’s portraits capture an impressionist view of the subjects that seems to reflect the hazy, softened quality of memory. Perhaps in a few years these works will reflect the memories of their subjects concerning the vivid scenes in the paintings.

An oil painting of three young children in a parkThe Rocket Park, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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