Art Collective: Artists of Bristol on the Delaware

An ink drawing of a male peacockMale Peacock, ink on scratchboard (Kristen Baker)

Artists of Bristol on the Delaware is an arts collective based in Pennsylvania. The collective offers memberships to practicing artists in the Bristol area, and holds groups exhibitions.

A photo of a red shack in the woodsOvergrown Shack, framed giclee print (John Styner)


The current member artists of Bristol on the Delaware are mostly painters, though photographers like John Styner and Janice Rhodes also number in their ranks. Styner’s photographs capture impressively saturated views of decaying architectural features, in a style reminiscent of paintings by Michael McEwing or Claire Cepukas. Janice’s works capture scenes in sharp relief, often with a wide lense, allowing the viewer to look closer into the details of a space.

The front page of the Artists of Bristol on the Delaware


Painter Kristen Baker takes a loose approach to lush and interestingly lit landscapes, while Marjorie Trush’s paintings celebrate texture and colour with abstracted, sometimes mythological subjects that remind me a bit of works by Emily K. Grieves.

A painting of a dragonRockstar, watercolour on Yupo (Marjorie Trush)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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