The Mixed Media Art Portfolio of J. Jay West

A mixed media artwork with different print gradientsUnfit to Print, mixed media

J. Jay West is a mixed media artist based in Hawaii. In his practice, Jay creates artistic objects that combine an abstracted aesthetic with a sense of concrete tactility, utilizing traditional art materials as well as found objects to produce works worth a second look.

A mosaic artwork depicting two fishOne Fish, Two Fish, recycled scrape stained glass on wood


I like the way that Jay uses colour in his portfolio. The artist’s works vary widely in terms of composition and medium, but there’s a cohesive colour palette that runs throughout Jay’s work. Bright blue tiles factor prominently in his mosaics, for example, and these same blue hues make up portions of sky and water in landscape works, both abstract and realistic. Warm oranges and pinks often evoke clear sunsets.

A screen capture of the front page of J.J. West's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Jay's art portfolio website


I’m particularly taken by Jay’s work in hot cast glass -- the works in this series suggest beach glass, rounded at the edges and with a pleasantly worn appearance, as though they’ve seen much more than the interior of a gallery space.

An artwork made of cast glassUntitled, hot-sand-cast recycled glass

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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