The Watercolour Art Portfolio of Maureen Dougan

A watercolour painting with minimal colour and flower budsUntitled, watercolour

Maureen Dougan was a watercolour artist who produced dreamy works celebrating the ethereal nature of the watercolour medium. The artist herself passed away in 2013, and her prolific art portfolio is maintained by the siblings, friends, and colleagues of the artist.

A watercolour painting of a forest fireFire, watercolour and pen

There’s a thoughtful, almost meditative sensibility that runs through many of Maureen’s artworks. I really enjoy the way the artist took to layering images over each other, creating watercolour paintings reminiscent of double-exposed film photographs, with ghostly figures combining and separating to build an image that looks different depending on the angle it’s viewed from, and where the viewer’s focus lands.

The front page of the portfolio website dedicated to Maureen


I find the artist’s self portraits especially interesting. Heavily abstracted, these portraits capture emotionally-charged moments and memories more than specific material features. Looking at these paintings evokes a great sense of empathy and understanding between the artist and the viewer.

A self-portrait by the late watercolour artist Maureen DouganUntitled, watercolour and pen

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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