The Art Portfolio of Dorian Gaudin

A wall-hanging artwork made from bent sheet metalUntitled

Dorian Gaudin is a French-born artist currently based in New York. In his practice, Gaudin explores form and materiality in works that combine sculpture, painting, installation, and assemblage.

An art installation consisting of numerous mechanical and metal componentsUntitled

I’m really drawn to the mechanical, sci-fi-inspired aesthetic that runs through many of Gaudin’s works. Some pieces use metal piping and have the cursory appearance of recognizable tools and artefacts, only to unravel upon closer inspection. The artist’s wall-hanging works look like paintings that have been manipulated, twisted, and pushed into new dimensions, like hanging sheets of steel attempting to disguise themselves as paintings. The way the artist bends and folds his materials speaks of a reverence for destruction, and simultaneous creation.


Colour also plays an interesting role in Gaudin’s works -- in many pieces, the grey tones of industrial equipment are prominent, making the pops of bright, warm and cool colours all the more striking.

A wall-hanging artwork made from sheet metal in a blue toneUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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