The Photography Portfolio of Alex Stoddard

A photograph of a figure in front of striking lightningYou Only Live Twice

Alex Stoddard is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. The artist’s works often utilize elements of fantasy and the supernatural, combining human figures with natural landscapes and creating a sense of dreamlike immediacy.

A photograph of a female figure underwaterFar From Air


Stoddard’s recent works are highly imaginative -- many of them seem almost like realized versions of illustrations for comics or story books. There’s a great sense of narrative running through many of the images, and the artist’s titles also tend to enforce the idea of some grander tale behind each frame. Stoddard also works as a director, and this experience with building grander narratives and cohesive sets of imagery really comes through in his photographic work.


Technically, the images are lush and detailed -- though their composition seems relatively simple, the artist’s use of deep, earthy colours and shadowy lighting invites a closer, longer look.

A photograph of a person sitting on the ground surrounded by flamesDragon's Den

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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