Inside the Illustration Studio of David Macaulay

A photo of David Macaulay working in his studio


It’s Sunday, so let’s take a look inside the studio of illustrator David Macaulay. Macaulay was born in the UK and is now based in Vermont, USA. In his artistic practice Macaulay produces illustration for non-fiction subject matter as well as children’s books and other literature.


Macaulay’s studio appears bright and airy -- it has the overall aesthetic that one might associate with a classic, academic-type illustration practice. There’s no computer or laptop in sight, and though I’m sure the artist must use one at least occasionally, this absence furthers the overall sense of quiet studiousness in the work space.


I love the window positioned directly in front of the desk -- I don’t know what kind of view the window affords, but I imagine any kind of outdoor view would provide a nice breather from such close, detailed work. It looks like Macaulay’s drafting desk holds plenty of work on-the-go, and the large overhead lamp would provide illumination even after sunset. The desk reminds me of fellow illustrator Alan Lee’s studio.


Macaulay is also a writer, and many of the small trinkets and objects I can see in this image are definitely reminiscent of a writer’s space -- like that of Margaret Lee. The space seems lived-in, and thoughtfully decorated with items that spark inspiration or nostalgia.


Much of Macaulay’s work focuses on design and architecture; Cathedral, one of the artist’s best known works, comprises an illustrated history of the construction of a gothic cathedral. Elsewhere in his practice the artist addresses various forms of technology with an intent to educate and inform.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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