Inside the Painting Studio of Robert S. Neuman

A photo of Robert S. Neuman at work in his studio


This Sunday, let’s look back at the studio space of American painter Robert S. Neuman. Neuman was known for expressive works of abstraction that utilized bright colours and, often, rounded geometric elements. The artist studied in California and taught at the California School of Fine Arts while working on his practice.


The artist’s studio is filled with a kind of chaotic energy in this image. It’s fun to see Neuman lurking behind his paintings in this image -- at first it’s hard to spot the artist. The bright colours of his works provide excellent camouflage!


The paintings themselves and the overall look of the studio remind me a bit of the workspace of James Rosenquist. The general vibe of the space is one that’s bright and colourful and celebrates exploration. Though Neuman’s paintings here aren’t quite as large as Rosenquist’s, the way they’re packed into this hectic studio space makes them seem larger than life.


Even the floor of the studio looks like it’s covered in paint -- I imagine that Neuman was as energetic with his painting style as the aesthetic of the works would indicate. Small jars of paint line the floors, each with a paintbrush already placed in the pigment, waiting to be picked up and splashed across a canvas.


Though he began his painting and printmaking career with a darker, subdued aesthetic in the 1950s, Neuman quickly moved into utilizing bright, eye-catching colour in his works. He worked throughout the United States as well as in Barcelona, Spain, for a time. Neuman passed away in 2015 at the age of 88.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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