Alien Forms: The Sculpture Portfolio of Kelsey Kimmel

A close-up photo of a bright and colourful textured sculptureGlitched Totem (detail), polyeurethane rigid foam, silicone, pigment, spray paint

Kelsey Kimmel is an installation artist and sculptor who tends to utilize neon-bright colours and bizarre, alien forms, building up spaces and objects that make the viewer feel as though they’re walking through an abstract painting, or a bright computer-simulated landscape.

A detail image of an installation featuring numerous objectsGround and mirror reflection (detail), cardboard tube, tool dip, mirror, plaster, spray paint


The artist’s sculptures are fascinating in the way that they defy categorization. Though Kelsey uses an impressive range of forms, she also tends toward certain motifs in terms of colour, style, and material. Her vertical totems, for example, remind me of work by Ugo Rondinone or Annie Morris. I like that Kelsey has both full images and detail shots of the works visible on her art portfolio. The pieces often reveal themselves to be quite different, materially, in the detail shots.

The front page of Kelsey Kimmel's art portfolio


In our previous feature of Kelsey’s neon assemblages we talked about the artist’s novel use of a wide range of materials, from traditional art materials like wood and paint, to more industrial components like styrofoam and latex. This versatility of media helps cement the experimental, futuristic qualities of the artist’s work.

A detail view of a sculpture made from synthetic materialsDigital Front (detail), plaster, screen mesh, spray paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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