Interactions and Collisions: The Portfolio of Clare Asch

A painting of concentric circles on a shaped canvasConvergence 7

Clare Asch is a painter who makes work emphasizing the interactions and collisions between dilute pigment on a surface. The artist’s painting have a reverence for natural phenomena, like gravity and tidal patterns.

A painting of translucent, concentric, overlapping circlesConvergence 3


Many of Clare’s works have a translucent quality to them -- this is especially obvious in the recent series Convergence the works in which take the form of overlapping circles painted sometimes on shaped canvas. The artist’s method makes it difficult to tell if the circular forms are deliberately painted on, or if they are, in fact, layers of different materials. The sense of mystery surrounding the artist’s process invites a closer look.

A screen capture of Clare Asch's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Clare's portfolio website


In other series, Clare explores these interactions between paints on more traditional rectangular planes, in watercolour and oil paint. The monochromatic nature of the artist’s palette leaves room for fluctuations in shade and depth to come to the forefront, building texture and form out of a single colour.

A painting exploring the patterns of flowing watercolour in a single pigmentIndigo Light, watercolour on paper


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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