Overlooked Aesthetics: The Art Portfolio of Sarah Peschell

An assemblage made with wedding stamps in the shapes of dragonfliesWedding Stamps -- Dragonfly, postmarked stamps, reclaimed objects on tea-stained paper

Sarah Peschell graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Sarah’s artistic background is in painting, but in her current practice the artist tends toward two-dimensional assemblages of found objects, emphasizing the overlooked aesthetics of everyday items.

An assemblage of reclaimed aircraft gasket tabsWatch Flowers, reclaimed aircraft gasket tabs, watches, and mirror fragments on panel


It’s interesting to look through the artist’s portfolio and see how Sarah utilizes these collaged, assembled aesthetics -- while still referring to the works as “paintings.” This reference encourages a dialogue between different artistic media and techniques. Many of the artist’s works follow a grid pattern that references geometric abstractions as well as traditional Arabic and Islamic artwork. Sarah utilizes found objects, arranging them on a grid in spatial compositions that serve to draw out the lines and facets of objects that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A screen capture of Sarah Peschell's art portfolio websitewww.sarahpeschell.com


Sarah also showcases some older, more traditional paintings on her portfolio website -- these works display the artist’s interest in form and texture by leaving wood grain visible between and beneath distinct brush marks.

An oil painting of six flower pots on a windowsillSix Pots on a Windowsill, oil on reclaimed board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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